Floral Reed Diffuser

Floral Reed Diffuser

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These beautiful reed diffusers are now available! All natural, the floral reeds are made with rice paper. Our specially curated scents are loaded with natural ingredients sourced from around the globe making them truly unique, sophisticated, and complex blends.

PLEASE NOTE: As they reeds are decorated and curved, they cannot be "flipped" like traditional reeds. Scent takes approximately 1 week to make its way up the reed. These diffusers do very well once scent is receives to the top of the reed!

Each diffuser comes with an 4.0 ounces of fragrance (by weight), 4 curved natural rattan reeds, and 4 floral reeds. 

Our supplier offers the ONLY reed diffuser base on the market! There are no VOC's, phthalates, parabens, sulfates or petroleum which allows for a great fragrance throw!